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 Opening Vävda Rum 20th May 2022

 The premier for the AR app Vävda Rum will be 20th May with an opening at 135 local art organizations all over Sweden. SONG in coloration with Rosalie Yu, Paola Torres Núñez del Prado and Jonas Pajari has made one of the ten AR art works for the app. The app is produced by Sveriges Konstföreningar, Undoldgarden and curated by Ulrika Flink and the project is financed by Svenska Postkodslotteriet. More info about the app can be found at Sveriges Konstföreningars webpage:



Workshop with Index Teen Advisory Board (ITAB)

A three hour workshop with Index Teen Advisory Board (ITAB) with an introduction to my that ended up in a game where we comonly immagined a different world.  13th May 2023


Workshop Dreaming the Technological

 Join me for a workshop, considering dreams, and the affect and influence of technology and contemporary society on them that I host 12/12/2020 as a part of my residency at Delfina Foundation science_technology_society. 

More info and to sigh up:


Artist in Recidency at Delfina Foundation 

Between October to January 2020 I will be IASPIS London scholarship holder and partake in Delfina Foundations Residency program science_technology_society. During the residency I will start to develop a new work around dreams and technology.


 Production tripp HIGHS

Between February and April 2020 I will be carrying out work with Herring, Iron, Gunpowder Humans and Sugar in Jamaica together with the Jamaican dancer Olando Whyte. We will do research on the triangular trade in Jamaica, make objects and make performances at historical places connected to the trade. The project and journey is funded by Kultrubryggan. 




Motståndets tid- om dekoloniseringi Gallery TEGEN2

Olando Whyte and Rut Karin Zettergren partakes with the installation -No3 The intertwinement of the of the West Indian × East Indian companies in the exhibition Motståndets tid- om dekoloniseringi at Gallery TEGEN2 in Stockholm.

Open Nov 8- Dec 1, 2019 Fridays- Sundays 13-17
Artist talk 23 November 13.00- 17.00


Nina, K and Connie, an audio performance with Anna Kinbom, Choterina Freer and Rut Karin Zettergren will be part of Talin Feminsit Forum 2019.


Herring, Iron, Gunpowder, Humans & Sugar
- No2 Skagerak × Molyne's Estate

In conjunction with the Gothenburg International Art Biennial and their program for Gibca Extended Gerlesborg School of fine art presents an exhibition with Swedish artist Rut Karin Zettergren and Jamaican dancer Olando Whyte in Galleri Gerlesborg. The exhibition shows parts of their ongoing project Herring, Iron, Gunpowder, Humans & Sugar with focus on objects for performance and the connection between of the great herring period in Bohuslän and sugar boom in Jamaica of the 18th century.


Performance 14/9 at 13:00 in the exhibition Herring, Iron, Gunpowder, Humans & Sugar - No2 Skagerak × Molyne's Estate as a part of the free buss tour organices by Gibca extended.


Nina, K and Connie, an audio performance will be part of the festival WH!PH! Side Affects in Minsk Belarus with Anna Kinbom, Choterina Freer and Rut Karin Zettergren. The performance is Thursday 4 July 20:10 - 20:30, 2019.


Artist in residency at The Nordic Guest Studio
run by NKF - Nordic Art Association together with Olando Whyte to work on our project Herring, Iron, Gunpowder, Humans & Sugar . Jun 10th Jul  to 10th Aug 2019.


0s+1s Collective is on the cover of the newspaper KONSTNÄREN, there is also an interview with the collective inside. Release dec 2018.Read the article here:


Im presenting the work with the project Herring, Iron, Gunpowder, Humans and Sugar at the two days Seminar Minnet vi ärvde - Avkolonisering och konstnärliga metoder, gestaltning av minnen med utgångspunkt i politiska händelser the 24- 25 november 2018.


Welcome to the mascaraed/performance event Stå där med tvättad hals produced by Osäkerhetsprincipen! All ages are welcome, there will be some food served and a lot of performances! You can make your own mask if you come without outfit. When we close we go to O-baren nearby to continue the evening!

20 okt 2018 kl. 16:00–21 okt 2018 kl. 02:00
Bångska Våningen Stureplan


Aggressive Gestures / Performancekväll på 3:e Våningen
Hiroko Tsuchimoto, Marie Gavois & Michel Klöfkorn, Klas Eriksson, Rut Karin Zettergren & Olando Whyte
Date: Saturday september 15. 2018. Time: 19:00-23:59


I will participate in the self organised exhibition Drone Visions at Färgfabriken with the performance sculpture How to tell the future by weaving on an ancient loom.

The performance: 31 august 19-23.
The exhibition is opened between 31 august to 6 september 2018.


The future was at her fingertips
- digital ambivalence, cyborging and technofeminism
0s+1s Collective at Södertälje konsthall, Sweden 
2018.06.09 - 2018.08.26.


Im participating in the drawing competition and exhibition Den tänkande handen. The exhibition is opened between 21 april–24 juni 2018 at Gustav III:s antikmuseum.


Snap-Stafett at Göteborgs Konsthall. Me and Anna Kinbom from 0s+1s Collective is doing a film workshop for youths the 14 and 15 februari 2018.


My and Anna Rokkas work Inna di Video Light is exhibited at Sinne in Helsinki. The exhibition is opened January 25 and stays open until Mars 4, Tuesdays- Sundays 11am-5pm. Iso Roobertinkatu 16, Helsingfors



Dance | Film | Workshop
Make dance videos with me and Anna Rokka. Learn how to film, edit & experiment with dance and video.The workshop is open for everyone between 16-20 years. 23–25.2.2018 at 11-17 in the exhibition Inna di Video Light at Sinne, Iso Roobertinkatu 16, Helsinki


0s+1s Collective partakes in the exhibition Mozarts Ghost– internetkonst, feminism och motstånd at Göteborgs Konsthall.


Me and Anna Rokka shows Inna di Video Light at Titanik Gallery in Åbo. The opening is at Thursday November 2 from 6pm. The exhibition is opened until 26 november.


I have the 7 dagar a artist in residency at the The Nordic Watercolour Museums guest studios between 9-16 October 2017.


The Legacy Complex an exhibition by 0s+1s Collective is shown at Casa Victor Hugo in Havanna from October 6 to November 1 as a part of #SUECIAKONSTCUBA.


Applied Theories of Expanded Minds will be part of an outdoor screening VIDEO on the Road 空場戶外播映之夜  at 空場 Polymer in Taipei, 23rd Sep to 24th September.


Inna di Video Light has is premier at Galleri 54 in collaborate with Gothenburg Art Biennale extended program Gibca Extended.


0s+1s Collective shows work at the festival Work Hard! Play Hard ! In Minsk July 7-9 !


Crystal Beacons short film Applied Theories of Expanding Minds is a part of Video Power Film Night at L1 23-24 June


Crystal Beacons short film Mvua farasi is a part of the exhibition Like a Hores at Fotagrafiska Museet. 19 May to 3 September, 2017.


Med Fingrarna i syltburken A performance evening by Osäkerhetsprincipen. 29 May, 2017. Cantina Real, Stockholm.


The exhibition The Legacy Complex by 0s+1s Collective is being showed at Gotlands Konstmuseum between 18th of February – 23th of April 2017.


Applied Theories of Expanding Minds is being exhibited at Konstfrämjandet Västerbotten. Opening Friday den 23 September kl 18.00-22.00.

The exhibition is opened in-between the 23 September and 22 October 2016.
Thursdays 13-17
Fridays 13-17


Os+1s is hostingThe Legacy Complex symposium 28th - 29th June, 2016 at Malongen , Stockholm.


Osäkerhetsprincipen is hosting the event Tagen på Bar Gärning at Sliphusvillan. Saturday , June 11. 4 PM - 10 PM.


Inna di Video Light is screned as a work in progress verison at the exhibition Ljós at SIM gallery. Opening is at Thursday 26 may 2016.


Internett_Dollz ( A. Rokka & RK Zettergren) are artists in residency at SIM Residency in Reykjavikduring May 2016.


Internett_Dollz ( A. Rokka & RK Zettergren) are participating in Grosses Treffen in Berlin.


The Cataloge for the exhibition Kabbo ka Muwala where I show the work Outlanders is now out.


0s+1s are artists in residency at The Bergman’s Estates at Fårö, Gotland during March 2016.


0s+1s screening Relative Distance at Intimate Space, St. Petersburg, Russia. 18/12/15 18:30


Applied Theories of Expanding Minds is a part of the screening program curated by Laborneunzehn at Occulto Fest in Berlin nov 13-14. 2015


Applied Theories of Expanding Minds is a part of the screening program Beyond the surface at Laborneunzehn in Berlin from 19 to 24 Oct. 2015


Mvua Farasi is nominated in the category Dokhopp on STOCKmotion film festival. STOCKmotion takes place during the weekend 2 to 3 October 2015 at the Filmhuset in Stockholm.


Mvuva Farasi is a part of the screening program The Return of Ghosts at National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, July 17 to 19, 2015.


Screening Distant Relations. Thursday June 18 2015, 0s+1s show video art pieces and films made by participants of the group and reference works we have chosen at Go-cart Gallery.


Recidency At BAC Baltic Art Center in Visby with 0s+1s during Jun 2015. 0+1s consist of Jenna Collins , Choterina Freer, Sonia Hedstrand, Anna Kinbom and Rut Karin Zettergren. The collaboration evolves around the topics of women, technology, the internet and cyberfeminism. The title of the collective comes from Sadie Plant's book Zeros and Ones: Digital Women and the New Techno Culture.


The Artist Traveologe. Exhibition with Anna Kinbom and Sonia Hedstand at Gocart Gallery, Visby Jun 2015


Mvua Farasi will be shown in Filmform News at Bio Rio in Stockholm, june 8th 2015.



Mvua Farasi will be shown in the Filmform Program
at the 61 International Short Film Festival Oberhausen
on 2 may 2015, 12.30 Kino Sunset



Artist in recidency at PS Lagos in Nigeria together with Sonia Hedstand during January- March 2015.


Recording trip to Kingston Jamaica with Anna Rokka for
Inna di Video Light during November and December 2014.


Mvua Farasi is a part of Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition 2014 - Return of Ghosts,
curated by Jow-Jin Gong and Nobuo Takamori. At Hong-Gah Museum in Taipei, Taiwan, opening october 31 2014.


Inna di Video Light is exhibited as a multi channeled video installation in a first version at Mänte Art Festival during the summer of 2014.


Images from my residency at Delfina Foundations

I was a part of Delfina Foundations thematic recidency program science_technology_society during Oktober to end of December 2020. During the period I started the work with an artwork that examines the relationship between virtual reality and dream reality. It investigates the way technology affects dreams and critically reflects on how sleep will be the next domain of our privacy to be commercialized and how it will play out in the future. The work is inspired by methods of dream drawing, social dreaming and scientific sleep monitoring such as electroencephalograms and will be brought together as a dream matrix in VR. The images below are from the residency and images captured inside the VR world I sculpted from dreams about technology.



Herring, Iron, Gunpowder, Humans & Sugar
-No3 The intertwinement of the of the West Indian × East Indian companies

In the exhibition Motståndets tid- om dekolonisering, which was exhibited at Gallery TEGEN2, Nov 8- Dec 1, 2019, Olando Whyte and Rut Karin Zettergren showed an installation with performance objects from their ongoing project Herring, Iron, Gunpowder Humans & Sugar (HIGHS). The objects in the exhibition were selected as they relate to how the historical East Indian and West Indian trade routes were interconnected in a colonial trading network that included Stockholm. Both the Swedish West Indies and East India companies were formed in Stockholm and Sweden actively participated in the trade and many merchants became rich by exporting iron and salt herring and import and processing of colonial goods such as sugar and cotton. The cotton was woven into fabrics in weaving mills at Barnängen, the sugar processed in suger refineries in Tantolunden and the iron that went for export to Great Britain and its colonies was weighted at the iron wave at Slussen. In the Encyclopedia Herring, Iron, Gunpowder, Humans & Sugar, which was also part of the exhibition, visitors could read more about the materials that are included in the performance objects and what part they played in the trading system. During the exhibition Rut Karin had an artist talk about the project and Stockholm's involvement in the trade. The exhibition was curated by Ulrika Flink and Antonie Frank Grahamsdaughter and was organised with the support of Konstfrämjandet Stockholm

HIGHS visits places that were linked to the triangle trade, the economic system behind the transatlantic slave trade. In the historical sites, they perform performance with story and dance along with objects consisting of the material extracted, the manufacturer and exporter of this place. With the process, Whyte & Zettergren want to activate the sites and materials in a search for a method to process historical trauma and create discussions about memory, heritage and responsibility. So far, surveys, performance and exhibitions have been conducted in and between Jamaica and Sweden and during 2020 it will visit Ghana and England. HIGHS has been run by Jamaican dancer Olando Whyte and Swedish artist Rut Karin Zettergren since 2018.

The performance objects in the exhibition consisted of:
iron bars (SE *) × block printed cotton fabric (IN) × block printed cotton fabric (SE) × block printed cotton fabric (GH) × glass beads (IT *) × cane sugar (CAR / LATAM) × iron cannon balls (SE) × gold (GH / LATAM *) × coveralls (ID *)
*Country of origin for the material used in the object is unknown.


Nina, K and Connie - An audio performance at TALFF

For Tallinn Feminist Forum an imagination of a possible utopian future will be created throuh a short piece of speculative fiction on collectivity. This fiction will be in response to a comment from Marge Piercy in her text “Woman on the Edge of Time Forty years on” (2016). There she describes how in the second-wave women’s movement many utopias were created, whereas now they are not. Piercy says “[in the 1970s] Feminist utopias were created out of a hunger for what we didn’t have, at a time when change felt not only possible but probable. Utopias came forth from the desire to imagine a better society, when we dared to do so. When our political energy goes into defending rights, whereas projects we won and created are now under attack, there is far less energy for imagining fully depicted future societies we might wish to live in.” The aim of this work is to focus on historical and contemporary ideas of collectivity to imagine new feminist futurities

The performance text will be invoked from utopian novels from the 1970s (such as Woman on the Edge of Time (1976) by Marge Piercy, The Female Man (1975) by Joanna Russ and The Dispossessed (1974) by Ursula K Le Guin); as well as texts that resulted from the techno-positive, collective-positive cyberfeminist movement (such as Zeros and Ones (1997) by Sadie Plant and A Cyberfeminist Manifesto for the 21st Century (1991) by VNS Matrix); as well as drawing from more recent works (such as Storytelling for Earthly Survival (2016) by Donna Haraway and Xenofeminism (2018) by Helena Hester) and positive aspects of artists’ own experiences living and working in collectives. Some parts of the text will be extracted from these materials, while other parts will be newly written aimed at developing a utopian futurity.

The performance draws on the hopefulness of these historical and current texts, and pauses to imagine feminist utopian ideas of collectivity. Connie, who is the protagonist of the piece, will be on-site in Tallinn Feminist Forum speaking to Nina and K who are somewhere else. The work is a collaboration between Chotterina Freer, Anna Knibom and Rut Karin Zettergren.



Herring, Iron, Gunpowder, Humans & Sugar
- No2 Skagerak × Molyne's Estate

exhibition with Swedish artist Rut Karin Zettergren and Jamaican dancer Olando Whyte in Galleri Gerlesborg. The exhibition shows parts of their ongoing project Herring, Iron, Gunpowder, Humans & Sugar with focus on objects for performance and the connection between of the great herring period in Bohuslän and sugar boom in Jamaica of the 18th century.

The project as a whole examines the legacy of the historical triangle trade, where goods such as herring, iron, weapons, slaves and sugar were shipped across the Atlantic Ocean between the 16th century and the 19th century. Whyte and Zettergren approach the subject from several angles, historically, geographically, politically to explore how the power balance and coloniality created by the trade has shaped cultural heritage and continues to influence the contemporary world. Within the project, Whyte and Zettergren visit places that were linked to the triangle trade in Sweden, England, Ghana and Jamaica in order to make performance with storytelling and dance together with objects consisting of the material that were manufacturer and exportera by this places. In the process, the artists want to activate the sites and materials in a search for a method to process historical trauma and to create discussions about heritage and responsibility. Gerlesborgs Skolan with its location on the coast of Bohuslän is one of these places through its connection with Sweden's export of salted herring to the then slave colonies in the Caribbean.

The project will continue during 2019 and 2020 and can be followed on instagram at @herring_iron_humans_sugar.



Stå där med tvättad hals

Har du stått där med halsen tvättad? Uppklädd till tänderna, skarpaste katten i stan, snopet övergiven av din dejt eller bangande polare, utan någonstans att gå? Osäkerhetsprincipen har lösningen på dina våndor!I detta nu smider OP avancerade planer inför årets händelse. Förbered dig på på en natt fylld till brädden av performance, alter egon, karneval, barock dans, burlesk, divalater, maximalism, storslagenhet, galenskap
och undantagstillstånd. Strikt dresscode!

Ivoncita: Devil in disguise
Erik Thörnqvist: Kicki Office
Ami Kohara: Lambrusco
Vida Lavén: Om Barbara Payton
Paola Torres Nuñez del Prado: Tender Room 0.1
Sara Edström: Midlife Crisis Pop Songs
Träningsverk med risk för huvudvärk: Gratis live show
DJ Sleepy Cat: Mothers of HipHop

Osäkerhetsprincipen: Anna Kinbom, Sonia Hedstrand & Rut Karin Zettergren

Lokalen stänger kl 23 men då går vi alla vidare till officiell efterfest med fri entré på O-baren ( som ligger intill och dansar vidare till kl 02!

Entré: 70 kr, köp din biljett här:

Enklare mat och dryck finns till försäljning under eventet på Bångska Våningen. Vi har även en pysselhörna där den som vill bättra på sin maskeradkostym kan skapa masker till självkostnadspris.

Hiss finns. Toaletterna är ej funktionshinderanpassade.

Producerat av Osäkerhetsprincipen
(Med stöd från Stockholms stad)



The future was at her fingertip- digital ambivalence, cyborging and technofeminism

In The future was at her fingertip- digital ambivalence, cyborging and technofeminism 0s+1s Collective is exhibiting works produced during our five years of collaborations at Södertälje konsthall during the summer 2018.

0s+1s Collective utforskar tillsammans cyberfeminism och teknikhistoria ur feministiska perspektiv. På Södertälje konsthall visar de sitt gemensamma konstnärliga arbete tillsammans med sin research från de senaste 5 åren i en installation. Tillsammans utforskar kollektivet den tekniska historien ur feministiska perspektiv, anti-hierarkiska sätt att skapa konst i grupp samt cyberfeminismens förändrade villkor från 1980-talet till idag. Installationen är ett samarbete mellan konstnärerna Sonia Hedstrand, Anna Kinbom, Rut Karin Zettergren (Sverige) och Choterina Freer (Storbritannien). Konsthallens besökare ges möjlighet att ta del av gruppens referenslitteratur, egenproducerade artiklar, videos, ljudverk och hemsidor.

The exhibition is opening between 2018.06.09 - 2018.08.26.
Tues-fridays 09-19
Saturday 11-15


Catalogue The future was at her fingertip- digital ambivalence, cyborging and technofeminism

We in 0s+1s produced a catalogue for the exhibition The future was at her fingertip- digital ambivalence, cyborging and technofeminism an overview of 0s+1s Collectives five years of collaboration. Feel free to download it here: Catalogue


Winner of the drawing competition Den tänkande Handen 2018

Between 20 of april and 25 of June 2018 I partook in an exhibiton that showed the works of the ten finalist in the drawing competition Den tänkande handen (The Thinking Hand ) at Gustav III Antikmuseum at the Royal castle in Stockholm. I showed drawings in ink and charcoal on papper, documentation from performances and homepages. The works was made during the last two years and deal with the history of internet, technique developed for surveillance, structures of multinational technique companies and technofeminism.


The jury from Kungl. Akademien för de fria konsterna (The Royal Academy of Fine Arts) chose me to be one of the three winners of the price with this motivation.

”Rut Karin Zettergren har kopplat den tänkande handen runt det mest och allomfattande i våran digitaliserade värld. Ställd mot denna blir tecknandet perfromativt, personligt humoristiskt och poetiskt. Det glider ut och in ur funktioner och betydelser och blir i ordets bemärkelse ett redskap att tänka kring strukturer, makt och motstånd.”

”Rut Karin Zettergren has wrapped the thinking hand around that witch is most generic and universal in our digitised world. Against this backdrop, drawings becomes performative, personal, humorous and poetic. It slips in and and out of functions and significations and becomes, in the best of sense of the word, a tool for thinking about structures, power and resistance.”


The competition is organised by The Royal Academy of Fine Arts and founded in honor of the Swedish King Carl XVI Gustaf. I received the price from the king of Sweden at the Swedish national day and I will The price money will invest my price money in my coming work Hearing, Iron, Gunpowder, Humans and Sugar. In the work me and the jamaican dancer Olando Whyte will look in to how current culture forms and cultural institutions historical connections to the triangular trading system that was underpinning the transatlantic slave trade. One essential part of the project is to investigate Sweden’s role in the trade. Among the beneficiaries of the trade was the Swedish ”theatre king” Gustav III in who’s sculptural gallery The thinking Hand was exhibited. Except from Sweden's income from the iron and hearing that was sold to England and exported to Africa or the Caribbean the king was also one of the founder of the Swedish Caribbean Company and received 25 percent of its gains from the slave trade and the Swedish slave colony Saint Barthélemy. Gustav III was also a grate cultural lover and the founder of several important cultural institutions that still plays a major role in the Swedish culture scene as the Swedish Academy, The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, The royal Opera, The dramatical thatcher, the royal bailey and the Royal institute of Art and more. So this cultural grant connected to the monarch will serve us well when we are following the money Sweden gained from the triangular trade and the cultural heritage that was formed from the money gained from the trade.



Mozarts Ghost– internetkonst, feminism och motstånd at Göteborgs Konsthall.

På 1960- och 70-talen använde sig feminister av personliga upplevelser inom konst och litteratur som ett sätt att öka medvetenheten kring kvinnliga erfarenheter. 30 år senare, på 90-talet – när internet blev tillgängligt – formulerade en ny generation feminister utopier för en mer sammanlänkad, jämlik och uppkopplad framtid. Cyberfeminism tog avstamp i det förflutna och ifrågasatte internet som de menade var ett patriarkalt system.
Göteborgs Konsthall presenterar Mozart’s Ghost, en utställning som genom konst, workshops och seminarier belyser nätet som ett utrymme för både motstånd och utopier.
Utställningen samlar konstnärer som inspireras av nostalgin som idag finns kring internet-, tv- och kändiskultur från 90-talet – en period som sammanfaller med att cyberfeminism växte fram.

Dagens självdokumentations– och bekännelsekultur är på många sätt kopplad till tidigare rörelsers motstånd. Samtidigt har den också utvecklats till en jakt på “likes”, en idealiserad och kommersialiserad konstruktion av jaget och identiteten. Kulturen som vuxit fram genom sociala medier, som Facebook, Instagram, Youtube och dataspel, tvingar oss alla att omvärdera frågor kring frihet, intimitet och anonymitet. Vi ser idag allt fler konstnärer som, genom videor, gifs, memes och annat webbaserat arbete, vill ta tillbaka makten inom dessa forum.

Mozart’s Ghost medverkar både svenska och internationella konstnärer med arbeten från de senaste tio åren. Flera verk berör sexism, rasism och ekonomisk ojämlikhet, medan andra fokuserar på teknik och dess estetik. Gränsen mellan verklighet och det digitala är mer flytande än någonsin, och i utställningen visar vi hur det har påverkat konsten..



Mozarts Ghost in the press.

"Ensam framför skärmen" - Josefine Wikström i Kunstkritikk

"Drömmen om internets feministiska potential lever" -Ida Therén i Svenska Dagbladet

"Trevande om fysiska och digitala kroppar" -Dan Jönsson i Dagens Nyheter

"“Cyberfeminism i ständig förändring" - ETC Göteborg

"Göteborgs Konsthall speglar feministisk internetkonst"- Göteborgs-Posten

"Snart behöver konstnärer kanske inte ens måla tavlor" - Svenska Dagbladet

"Dystopisk klang i Mozart’s Ghost"- Kajsa Widegren i Göteborgs-Posten

"Feministisk internetkonst" - intervju med curator Alida Ivanov i tidningen Syre

"Stina Edblom underströk vikten av stödstrukturer och nätverk" - Göteborgs Posten.


Inna di Video Light nordic tour

During the autumn and winter me and Anna Rokka has exhibited our common work Inna di Video Light at Gallery 54 in Gothenburg September 5- October 4 , Titanic in Turko November 2 to 26 and Sinne in Helsinki 25 January to 4 Marsh. The exhibition has expanded both in area since, amount of screens and cd.

In Inna di Video Light you’re guided through the noisy world of dancehall by the Internet_Dollz; two It-Girl cyborgs. Meet the stars of the night, dancehall queens and kings during 100 long party nights in Kingston, intermixed with life online in a dreamlike hyper-reality. The club scene forms a stage for blasting feelings and physical discharge, which is intensified by the presence of the camera. This expression, which in other times might have been acted out through spiritual rituals, is now captured by the parallel universe of the virtual world, where its users reinterpret and transform it. The internet becomes an image of the globalized society’s collective subconscious, which holds everything from the most forbidden, amusing and raw to the most loving, well-polished and personal. Get captured inInna di Video Lights world where there are no longer clear boundaries between the cinematic and the physical or the dreamed and the lived.


Applied Theories of Expanded Minds at 空場戶外播映之夜  at 空場

Applied Theories of Expanded Minds was screened at the outdoor event VIDEO on the Road 空場戶外播映之夜  at 空場 organised by Polymer in Taipei the 23rd Sep to 24th September.


1,2,3,4: The Rhythm Method by 0s+1s Collective

0s+1s Collective shows work at the festival Work Hard! Play Hard !
Saturday 8 July 2017
7.50-8.50pm: Minsk


Four members of 0s+1s Collective will share a group conversation – alongside text, video and performance. The collective will be introducing the selected works via Skype within the context of recent group discussions on how emotional labour and personal feelings form an essential part of our collective practice.

1. Anna Kinbom will be streaming two of her songs (Love and Smaragden's Song to Mick) in her inclusive karaoke style.

2. Choterina Freer will present her multiform essay film Impatient Voices – in which she considers the commercialisation of both the collective impulse (as seen in social media) and of biomedical technology (health tracker apps) through using their forms and imagery with archival documentation of women’s health collectives from the 70s.

3. Rut Karin Zettergren’s web-girl alter-ego Soft Light – clued up in technology, surveillance and dance hall – will stream a live performance lecture on the subject of artificial intelligence.

4. Sonia Hedstrand’s text The Performative Worker will be partially translated (from Swedish to Russian) by Maria Kotlyachkova. The text is based on the artist’s personal and political experiences of performative service labour from Parisian Au Pairs to Tokyo Host Boys.

5. Jenna Collis will participate with ‘Rain So Hard’ a recording of a dispersed performance by 0s+1s. She has arranged the sound of a passing rainstorm from stock sounds and distributed parts to each member of the collective who were in Sweden, the UK and Argentina at the time



Med Fingrarna i syltburken

A performance evening by Osäkerhetsprincipen. 29 May, 2017. Cantina Real, Stockholm.

19:30 Lili von Wallenstein: Sanningen om mina lögner
19:50 Denis Romanovski: not available
20:10 Louise Blad: Mycket av vad jag skriver brukar jag tänka på lite som tyger
20:40 Träningsverk med risk för huvudvärk: En politisk show i rosa
21:30 Vida Lavén: Anekdotisk bevisföring
22:00 Örjan Wallert & Lill-Marit Bugge: Artist talks
22:30 Vilda Kvist: Kvinnor och deras känslor
22:50 Dryckesbröderna: På äldre dar i Stockholm
23:10 Soft Light: om Fine Dining
23:30 Jimmy Offesson: Har du någonsin kysst en tolvfingertarm någon gång?




The Legacy Complex by 0s+1s Collective at Gotlands Konstmuseum

Gotlands Konstmuseum presenterar The Legacy Complex av svensk-brittiska konstnärskollektivet 0s+1s Collective bestående av Jenna Collins, Choterina Freer, Sonia Hedstrand, Anna Kinbom och Rut Karin Zettergren. Utställningen visar nyproducerade verk i form av video, ljud och installation. Verken är resultaten av drygt ett års efterforskningar som inbegriper överlappande militära, filmiska, sociala och personliga historier på Gotland ur ett feministiskt perspektiv. Centralt i utställningen är konstnärernas gemensamma intresse för teknologi, internet och cyberfeminism. Konstnärskollektivet ifrågasätter hierarkier och tänjer på konstutövandets kontext, vilket också gestaltas i utställningen genom att verken är sammankopplade både innehållsmässigt och visuellt.

Utställningen har öppet från 18 Februari till 23 of April 2017.




Applied Theories of Expanding Minds at Konstfrämjandet Västerbotten

Konstkollektivet Crystal Beacon startar upp hösten på Konstfrämjandet Västerbotten med vernissage fredag den 23 september kl 19, i samarbete med Umeå Pride. Videoverket Applied Theories of Expanding Minds är en framtidsskildring om Kenya med fiktiva inslag.

Fredag den 23 september kl 18.00-22.00
18.00 Dörrarna öppnas
19.00 Invigningstal, verksamhetsledare Camilla Påhlsson
19.05 Reflektioner om queer läsning i film, Umeå Europeiska filmfestival, Karin Johansson
19.10 Konstpresentation, Applied Theories of Expanding Minds, Crystal Beacon
19.30 Dj Beatsocker & mingel
22.00 Ut i natten ni dansar…

Utställningen visas mellan den 23 september och 22 oktober 2016.

Konstfrämjandet Västerbotten
Kungsgatan 33
Fri entré



The Legacy Complex symposium

28th - 29th June, 2016. Malongen , Stockholm.

The Legacy Complex (TLC) is an on-going international artists research and production project that thinks through the interconnecting military, filmic, social and personal histories located on Gotland island from a feminist perspective. Now halfway through the project, the symposium is a chance to come together and present particular interests, share research, and discuss the various contexts and histories the artists within 0s+1s (and guests) have responded to.


My presentation at the seminar was the performance: A home surveillance system for dancehall queens: Soft Light on Alphabet Inc.. During the performance Soft Light presented a series drawings based on the structures of the company Alphabet Inc. (the multinational conglomerate company that was formed from Google). The drawings are inspired by google brain, YouTube, Googles AI ;Parsey McParseface, Android, its robotic companies, Google cloud service, Google earth etc... The session was also live broadcast on Soft Lights Periscope.

The performance is a part of my ongoing work A home surveillance system for dancehall queens where I investigates self surveillance culture on internet. The work takes it starting point in my involvement in homemade dance videos for internet forums. In the work I tries to investigate the systems, technique and ideologies that are the base of this culture in a historical perspective and work with it within short video performances.



Tagen på Bar gärning

Osäkerhetsprincipen bjuder in till en helkväll med fri konst!

16:00-22:00 Akay, KP, Olabo och gästkock: Ikaros - Payback (performance i köket)
16:00-22:00 Filippa Barkman - Hvor er jeg?! (video i vedboden)
16:00-22:00 Choterina Freer - Ideas from Fashion Magazines Found in Dust Bins (video i salongen)
16:00-22:00 Henrik Andersson - Participant Observers (bildspel på ovanvåningen)
16:00-22:00 Malin Petterson Öberg - Everyday Archives II (videos i salongen)
16:00-22:00 Rut Karin Zettergren - A Home Surveillance System for Dancehall Queens (video i tältet)
17:00 Anna Kinbom - >1000 ord (performance i vardagsrummet)
17:00-21:00 Louise Dahl Lindvall - Vågfunktionskollaps (performance i trädgården och på bottenvåningen)
17:30 Jens Evaldsson - Walking Through Walls (performance i villan)
18:00 Lili von Wallenstein & Magdalena Nordin - Den endimensionella människan (performance i trädgården)
18:30 Dryckesbröderna - Dryckesbröderna betalar tillbaka sina skulder (performance i vindsrummet)
19:30 Hiroko Tsuchimoto - One Cannot Be in Two Places at Once (performance på bottenvåningen)
20:30 Catti & Jari - Catti & Jari (spelning på inomhus-scenen)


The Legacy Complex

0s+1s Collective have started the work on our new project. The Legacy Complex is an artistic research project investigating direct democratic organizational models based on a radical women's group-traditions and the military origin of communication and documentation technology in combination with the development of cyberfeminism as artistic genre. The project starts from the Swedish island of Gotland, it’s film history, geopolitical situation and defence strategic position in the Baltic sea historically and today. The work that will be carried out on the island during spring and summer 2016 consists of research in form of visual mapping and an ongoing seminar that will result in five individual works and a common large scale performance-, video-, and web-based work performed in Kustateljén, Fårösund.

With this project the 0s+1s explores what it means as a flat organized feminist collective to express ourselves artistically through technology developed for military purposes to fit a hierarchical organization as the army? How can we adopt Donna Haraway's concept of the cyborg as strategic position to orient this technology towards an alternative, democratic and critical use?

The Legacy Complex is supported by Kulturbryggan, BAC, Baltic Art Center, Bergmangårdarna and Malongen/NKF, The Nordic Art Association.