Rut Karin Zettergren  
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Episode 1

The story of how the Outlanders first meet at the subwaystation in Rinkeby...



Episode 2

Today we meet the Outlanders at Granholmstoppen, an artificial hill located at Järvafältet, constructed from the left over stones from the Hjulsta suburb line, the very same subway line where the Outlanders first meet. It’s the perfect spot for sending out signals for outer of space to keep contact with the other Outlanders to give them directions of how to come. The sun is the strongest light source. By using mirrors they reflect the sunbeams, sending them out in the atmosphere. Where you see yourself you feel at home.



Episode 3

To night we follow the Outlanders on an excursion at Järvafältet . They are still in search of the other Outlanders. Earlier they sent out signals for them into deep space from the hilltop. They are now waiting to see their reaction.




Episode 4 : Film coming soon!  


Episode 5

Today we meet the outlanders at Joyce -B- Livs in Rinkeby. In order to manage their expenses And carry on with their search for the alien Outlanders the Outlanders is doing labor work to survive. Rut Karin has taken a part time job at a supermarket in their neighborhood and Ehis has moved to London to work.This weekend he visits her in Rinkeby.



Episode 6

This night meet the outlanders at the football field in Rinkeby. They get help to send out signals from young enthusiasts from the neighborhood.



Episode 7- Om brinnande objekt nära fältet/On burning objects near the field.

In this episode RK have a lecture about the Outlanders work at the festival Party Paradise in Värmaland. She explained about what actually happened during the riots in the suburbs around the Järva field during the early summer of 2013. Who was it that started the fires and what was it that was burning?





The Outlanders

“When you don't fit into society you were born in you are an Outlander, when you move to another country and don't fit in that society you are an Outlander. When you simply don’t fit in this world; you are an Outlander. An alien being looking for your kind.”

The Outlanders is a TV show about a couple living in Rinkeby one of the five suburbs* built during the Million Program** around the large former military field Järvafältet in the west of Stockholm. Is commonly known as a problem area and often describes in media as one of the most dangerous neighborhoods with highest crime rate in Sweden. Its also often put as an example of Sweden’s failure to integrate immigrants in the society as nearly 90% of its inhabitants are from immigrant backgrounds. As I live in the neighborhood I wanted to create a alternative image of people living here than what is usually portrayed in the media.
We follow the couple on their search for alien beings in the grate field behind their house. They try to contact them by sending out signals from a hilltop at Järvafältet, their wish is that the aliens will come and join them so they no longer will be the only Outlanders in Sweden. It was created within the project Husby TV, a cooperation between the Department of Computer and Systems Science at Stockholm University, Royal Institute of Art and Modern Museum of Art. The first episode was launched at Husby Carnival and at the Modern Museum in Stockholm. It has since then continued to grow and is now broadcasted through the web.

*Rinkeby, Tensta, Hjulsta, Akalla and Husby
**In the Million Program about1,006,000 new dwellings were built between 1965 and 1974 by the governing Swedish Social Democratic Party to make sure everyone could have a home at a reasonable price. Due to is poor esthetics the suburbs is often referred to as "concrete suburbs". One of the main aims behind the planning of these residential areas was to create "good democratic citizens". A principal aim, although ultimately unsuccessful, was to mix and integrate different groups of households through the spatial mixing of tenures